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Conference Presentations & Publications

Design for Multiple Worlds, European Media Art Festival 2022, Apr 8, 2022. (Panel)

Thinking design for this century: designing for sustainable and just transitions, Parsons School of Design, Oct 20, 2022.(Panel)

Technology, Equity & Social Justice Roundtable, IEEE ISTAS 2021, University of Waterloo, Oct 29, 2021. (Panel)

Decolonising AI: Perspectives from the Global South, A Better Tech, New York University, Oct 14, 2021. (Panel)

Practice research in social design: definitions, contexts, futures, University of the Arts London, May19-20, 2022. (Presentation)

Symposium: The Demand for Independent Research, AIGA Annual Conference 2021, Sept 21, 2021. (Panel)

What’s a PhD in design? A conversation with the organizers of the North American PhD by Design symposium, A Symposium on Design Graduate Education, University of Washington, Apr 30, 2021.

Co-opting AI: Ideology, New York University, New York, Apr 15, 2021. (Panel)

Othering Modernism, Design Publics & Agents, Parsons School of Design, Oct 8, 2022.(Panel)

Decolonizing Learning Spaces for Sociotechnical Research and Design, ACM CSCW, Oct 17-20. (Panel)

What Decolonial Design is Not, AIGA SHIFT Virtual Summit, Aug 3-7, 2020. (Panel)

DESIS at 10 symposium, Transdisciplinary Design Program, Parsons School of Design, Feb 28, 2020. (Panel)

Design for Inclusivity, ConflictxDesign Conference, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, Feb 23, 2020. (Talk & Panel)

Gomez, S.F., Ansari, A., & Carter,  F., Practice-led pedagogy for socio-technical transitions: a case study in systems thinking, RSD8: Relating Systems Thinking and Design Symposium, Oct 13-15, 2019. (Presentation)

Reconceiving design from the perspectives of design’s others: cosmological perspectivism, cosmotechnics, & designing for the pluriverse. Proceedings of the Porto Design Biennale, Sept 26-27, 2019. (Talk & Panel w/ Decolonising Design Platform)

“Interview with Decolonising Design”. Victor Papanek: The Politics of Design, Weil am Rhein, Germany, Sept 29, 2018. (Interview w/ Danah Abdullah & Erika Pinner)

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The impact of design, The Nest I/O, Karachi, Pakistan, Jul 2018. (Panel)

Fostering plural ontologies & artificials in the age of the great devourer, Sustainable UX, Feb 2018. (Presentation)

Detroit City of Design Summit 2017, College for Creative Studies, Sept 2017. (Presentation)

Time & transition, RSD5: Relating Systems Thinking and Design Symposium, Toronto, Canada, Oct 2016. (Presentation w/ Jabe Bloom)

New methods, new modalities, but same old results?, #DisruptEd ‘14, Islamabad, Pakistan, Apr 2014. (Panel)