Talks, Lectures, Interviews


Ansari, A., (2022), The local & the global, decolonisation & cosmopolitanism, the universal and the common: a reflection on relations, participation, & design, Proceedings of theParticipatory Design Conference 2022, Aug 19 – Sept 1, 2022, Newcastle, UK

Ansari, A., (2021), Decolonisation, the history of design, and the designs of history, Proceedings of the2021 Design History Society Annual Conference: Memory Full? Reimagining the Relations between Design and History, Sept 1-4, 2021, FHNW Academy of Art and Design, Basel, Switzerland

Talks & Interviews

Interview w/ Devika Dutt on design, decolonisation and economics, Nov 29, 2021. (Interview)

Some Theoretical Considerations in Reading Latin American Design History, BIPOC Design History: Latinx, Sept 18, 2021. (Talk)

Design Conversations: Ahmed Ansari, Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, Apr 23, 2021. (Talk)

Decolonising Design: Reflections, Observations, & Challenges, EcoDesign Collective, Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, Mar 4, 2021. (Talk)

Designing in Dark Times: An Arendtian Lexicon Dialogue 2, Parsons School of Design, New York, Feb 10, 2021. (Panel)

Frictions: Decolonisation, Ecology & Practice, University of Edinburgh, UK, Dec 2, 2020. (Talk)

Cosmotechnics, Emily Carr University, Nov 19, 2020. (Talk)

Decolonising Curricula, Decolonising Our Bookshelves, Nov 10, 2020. (Panel)

Decolonial Perspectives on Design Ethnography: Privileging Local Ontologies from the Global South, Rhode Island School of Design, Sept 29, 2020. (Talk)

Evolving Systemic Design Practice, Design Research Council whitepaper, Sept 2020. (Interview)

A new basis for South Asian design: Anandavardhana & transcendental technics, School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal, India, Oct 2018. (Talk)

Talk, the rasa of identity: machinic assemblages, affect & intersectionality, Habib University, Karachi, Pakistan, Aug 2018. (Talk)

Jahan aur bhi hain (other modernities are possible): decolonising design in the age of the artificial, Habib University, Karachi, Pakistan, Jun 2018. (Talk)

South Asian design for a pluriversal world, The Nest I/O, Karachi, Jan 2018. (Talk)

Research by, for and of design, The Nest I/O, Karachi, Dec 2016. (Talk)

Research methods in design, Pakistan Innovation Foundation, IlmApps Challenge, KITE, Karachi, Mar 2014. (Talk)

Approaches & methodologies to research in design practice, Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture, Karachi, Feb 2014. (Talk)

Guest Lectures & Crits

David Holzman, Gender, Sexuality and Public Space, New York University (Tandon), May 3, 2022.

Ashley Hall, Postgraduate Research Seminar, Royal College of Art, United Kingdom, Mar 2022, Apr 2021.

Michael Mages, Design Theory & Criticism, Northeastern University, Apr 4, 2022

Benedetta Piantella, Reuse, Rethink, Resilience, New York University (Tandon), Feb 2022.

Megan Urban, Design Histories, Carnegie Mellon University, Nov 8, 2021.

Student Design Competition, ACM DIS Annual Conference, 8 July, 2021.

Ijlal Muzaffar, Critical Introduction to the History of Architecture and Design, Rhode Island School of Design, May 13, 2021.

Marco Ferrari, A New American Index, GSAPP, Columbia University, Aug 3, 2021.

Michael Mages, Design for Behavior & Experience, Northeastern University, Mar 4, 2021.

Jamer Hunt, Transdisciplinary Seminar I, Parsons School of Design, New York, Oct 2021, Nov 2020, Nov 2019.

Cameron Tonkinwise, Theories of Design, University of Technology Sydney, May 27, 2021.

Eman Lasheen, Intro to International Development, Dept. of Urban Studies & Planning, MIT, Dec 3, 2020.

Shannon Mattern, Anthropology + Design, The New School for Social Research, New York, Nov 3, 2020.

Amy Whitaker, Entrepreneurial Projects in the Arts, New York University (Steinhardt), Oct 1, 2020.

Mona Sloane, Intro to Ethics, New York University (Tandon), Oct 2021, Sept 2020.

Kadija Ferryman, Intro to Ethics, New York University (Tandon), Feb 2020.

Public Debates

In Design Must Fulfill Current Needs Before Imagining New Futures, opposite Jamer Hunt, moderated by Paola Antonelli, MIT Media Lab Summit, Knotty Objects, Cambridge, MA, Jul 2015


The Politics of the Reading List, Printed Matter Art Book Fair, Oct 2022.

The Landscape of Speculative Design, Misk Art Residency, Oct 2022.

Decolonizing Knowledge Production & Dissemination, ‘Decolonial School’, California College of the Arts, Feb 5, 19, 2022.

A Brief Intro to Transition Design, with a Focus on the Multi-Level Perspective, Habib University, Karachi, Pakistan, Jan 2022.

Design Education in Pakistan: Past, Present & Future, Habib University, Karachi, Pakistan, Aug 2018.

Faculty Workshop: Programme Restructuring & Curriculum Redesign, IVSAA, Karachi, Pakistan, Jun 2018.

Designing for Transitions & Systems, Habib University, Karachi, Pakistan, Jan 2018.

Design & Technology to Support Civic Innovation, KCIL Community Innovators Program, T2F, Karachi, Pakistan, Dec 2017.

Reimagining the Social Construct, 4th Design Intelligence Conference, Parsons, Apr 2017.

KCIL Hackathon: #Reinvent Pakistan, Habib University, Dec 2017.

Visiting Artist & Scholar Lecture Series, Michigan State University, Oct 2017.

Research Methods in Design, Pakistan Innovation Foundation Accelerator Weekend, Karachi, Pakistan, Jul 2015.

Mentor, Teams Edequal and AKUH, for the Pakistan Innovation Foundation IlmApps Challenge, Dot Zero, Karachi, Pakistan, Sep 2014.

Mentor, IlmApps Hackathon, Pakistan Innovation Foundation IlmApps Challenge, Dot Zero, Karachi, Pakistan, Jun 2014.

Mentor, Design Day, Pakistan Innovation Foundation NIGC competition, KASBL, Karachi, Pakistan, Apr 2014.

Design Research Methods, Pakistan Innovation Foundation NIGC competition, KITE, Karachi, Pakistan, Mar 2014.

The Human Centered Design Research Process, Pakistan Innovation Foundation NIGC competition, KITE, Karachi, Pakistan, Feb 2014.